Creative Ways to Add Flare to Your Next Event

If you are planning a formal event like a charity auction, the pressure is on to make the evening memorable. Every guest will arrive expecting great food, but with these simple tricks you can surprise them with a truly unique, exciting night courtesy of Tampa event planning company Cheers Events in Florida.

Light Up the Dance Floor

Everybody loves to dance, especially after the bar has been open for a few hours. Excellent music a key to any lively dance party, but you can distinguish your event even more with a lit dance floor. These LED light floors are available to rent and the color patterns can range from colorful to tranquil depending on the song and mood.

Bring in a Special Guest

A comedian, magician, musician, celebrity impersonator, or even a mariachi band will all draw attention and keep everybody talking about your event weeks later. We brought in a popular comic for a couple that hired us as their Tampa wedding planners for their local beach wedding. It was a hit. There are many different ideas to take advantage of, like an a cappella group to stroll through the event during cocktail hour to entertain guests. Or a steel drum band could add atmosphere at a gala event.

Special Stations

If your guests want something to do during the evening beside talk and dance, small stations around the room can really liven up the party. Balloon artists and face painters are simple activities for any children that might be present, while a palm read to make psychic predictions will give the adults something to laugh about.

Channel Your Inner Cirque

As in, Cirque De Soleil! These types of artistic performers are incredibly talented and bring an undeniably unique element to any event. The best performers can seamlessly blend artistry and skill so that guests can enjoy the show without feeling distracted. One very popular idea is a champagne pourer dressed in vintage costume perched from a swing that is hanging from the ceiling. Fire dancers, silk ribbon dancers, and stilt walkers are all popular Cirque De Soleil side shows!

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